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ITunesU is a part of the iTunes store that is designed for use in education. This "branch" of the iTunes store is set up to be a distribution center for students, teachers and others lifelong learners. At the iTunesU site you will find information that is shared by educational institutions free of charge. You will find everything from entire coursework lectures to individual "how to" lessons that individuals have posted for others to access via a computer or download to their iPad.

Along with audio content, you will often find supporting video and text based materials that correspond with the lesson shared. The Nebraska Department of Education is one of the partnerships with iTunesU.

Links and Resources:
Apple Link to ITunesU: http://www.apple.com/education/itunes-u/
Nebraska Department of Education's iTunesU site: click here.
Learn Out Loud Article on iTunesU: Learn Out Loud

How to Get Started:itunesupowersearch.jpg
  • Open iTunes
  • Click the link along the left to get to the iTunes store
  • Once inside the iTunes store, open the iTunes Tab and look along the right side for the iTunes U Quick Links
  • Select the iTunesU Power Search (see at right)
  • A search window will open (see below) where you can add a search term for the title, descriptor etc.
  • At this point you can:itunesushelf.jpg
    • Simply listen and view the offering in i-Tunes
    • Click the GET button to download it to your i-Tunes (which synchs with your i-Pad)
    • Click the TRIANGLE next to the GET button to copy the link, share to Facebook, or share on Twitter
    • You can also SUBSCRIBE to all of the lessons/RSS feed
      • To do this: simple double click on an offering on the shelf (see at right)
      • Once the offering opens, simple click on the "SUBSCRIBE" button (see below) and you will begin getting all of the offerings from this provider automatically when you synch your i-pod. You can set up your preferences to determine how may episodes you keep and for how long the episodes remain in your iTunes. (see below)