iTunes Info Tab

info_tab.pngIf iTunes does not open, you can open the application by locating it in your dock and clicking the icon or by finding it in the applications folder on your computer. iTunes is where you’ll go to access information about your iPad.

Under Devices along the left side, select YOUR IPAD by clicking on the device name.

1. Select the "Info Tab"

2. Decide on which contacts you would like to sync and make your selections by putting a checkmark next to the selection. From the "Info Tab" you can choose to sync your address book contacts, only selected groups, or contacts from your Yahoo! Address Book or Google.

3. Decide if you would like to sync your iCal calendars, mail accounts and/or Safari Bookmarks

4. In the advanced section (scroll down the page) you can elect to have iTunes synch your iPad's contacts, calendars and mail accounts with your computer.

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