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ITTT Handout in .pdf: ifttt.pdf

Link to Ifttt: http://ifttt.com

Description: Make life in the digital era easier with If This Then That (ifttt.com). Ifttt writes programs to synchronize your favorite programs and apps. Creating new connections is fast and easy.

7 Recipes to Consider for Evernote Users:
Link Evernote To
What the Recipe Does
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General Procedure for Enabling Recipes

Step #1:
After logging in, search for a recipe by selecting "Browse."

iftttstep2.pngStep #2:
Search for and select the Recipe you desire.


Step #3:
To enable the "recipe," first activate the required "channels."


Step #4:
Review the trigger and action information.


Step #5:
Click the "Use Recipe" button and you are finished.

*It may take about 15 minutes for the link to be established.**