iPad's Built In Cameras
Front Facing iPad Camera

Handout in .pdf format on iPad's Built in Cameras: iPad Camera.pdf

One of the anticipated features on the newest ios devices was the addition of the camera--Apple went one better and gave users TWO cameras-- a front facing camera (640 x 480 VGA) for video conferencing and a higher quality (1280 x 720 HD) rear facing camera that can be used in a number of ways.

Switching Cameras—front to back/back to front:
  • Turn on your device
  • Locate the Camera App --you may have to slide across screens or run a search and tap it to begin using the built in cameras on your device.switchcamera.png
  • In the top right corner, you can switch from front camera to back camera OR back camera to front camera by tapping the switch camera icon.

stillcameraslider.pngCapturing Still Image:stillcapture.png
Once you open the “Camera App” the “Still Camera/Video Camera Slider” will be located in the lower right corner. (the back camera takes higher quality pictures)

Move the slider to the left on the “Still Camera” icon.

Press the “Capture Button” located in the middle of the screen to take a picture. The capture button for still pictures looks like a camera. Pictures are placed in the picture library.

Capturing Video
  • Slide the “Still Camera/Video Camera Slider” to the right so that the bubble is below the video camera. (the back camera takes higher quality videos)
  • Press the “Capture Button” located in the middle of the screen to take a picture. The capture button for videos looks like a red record circle. The red circle will blink when you are recording. Videos are placed in the Picture Library under “Camera Roll.”photolibrary2.png
  • When you are finished capturing video tap the blinking red capture button. A menu bar for the video will appear across the top of the iPad. (touch the glass near the top if it is not visible).
  • Options include deleting, e-mailing, sending to YouTube and Copying the video