Ipad app sharing session:

Zite: Free. Create a custom magazine based on topics of your choice (Corey)

Splashtop: $2.99 Share your desktop via the ipad. Install Splashtop app on ipad then Splashtop streamer on the computer. Internet discovery option (sign into gmail account on client, then could access via app).

Evernote: Put everything in the cloud that you need. (Jackie)

Peek (works with Evernote): for flashcard review games. Lots of free quizzes already made, or can make your own.
Tour wrist: Panoramic tours of world locations (Jackie)

AppStart: Magazine view of apps by category (Robbie)

Timer+: Free Timer for classroom use on the iPad. (Pam)
Prezi Viewer for ipad (Pam) Allows you to present your prezi files from ipad (You do log in to your Prezi account so requires network access.

Google App: Microphone button (voice search) and photo button (took picture of item such as book and it searches for it) (upper right corner of screen) Gregg
Touch Mouse (free app that lets your computer remotely). Gregg

FastFood (Corey)

Cozi Family Organizer (Lori Klooz) Can create to-do lists, shopping lists, import from Google calendar

Mobile RSS: Blog reader that syncs with Google Reader and organizes by category (Jason Everett)

Adobe Ideas ($5.99) Can annotate any picture. Example: Football field (Jason Everett)

Dropbox Install on all of your devices and treat as flashdrive so always have access to files wherever you are