Tips for Typing on Your iPad On Screen Keyboard:

Handout of Typing Tips: Keyboard.pdf

Tip #1: When you are at the end of a sentence when typing, you can double-tap the space bar and it will type a period for you. When you start to type the next sentence, the first letter of the word will automatically be capitalized.
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Tip #2: To enable Caps Lock, double tap the "shift" key. Cap Lock has to be enabled in settings first. Go to settings, general, keyboard, then Enable Caps Lock.

Tip #3: To bring up the apostrophe without swapping keyboards, hold the "!" key.

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Tip #4: When you are typing a website URL in the address bar of the Safari browser, there's a special ".com" key in the keyboard that you can tap to quickly complete the web address. However, if the website that you are trying to reach doesn't end with a .com, you can still use that key. Just hold it for a while and it will give you an option to choose other popular domain endings including .edu, .org and .net.

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Tip #5: When typing an email address in the To: or CC /BCC field of the Mail program, press and hold the dot (.) key and you'll get a list of domain shortcuts in a pop-up to auto-complete the email address.

Tip #6: If you want to edit a url or text in a search box without deleting everything, hold your finger down on the area you want to edit, after a couple of seconds a magnifier will appear, now you can move your finger to precisely where you want to edit.

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Tip #7: Most Used Words--The typing completion feature works really well for word contractions like "can'’t", "it's", "they're", etc. You don't have to type the apostrophe for these kind of words. Just type "theyre" and the apostrophe will automatically be typed for you when you hit the space bar.
The same goes for many proper nouns like "iTunes", "iPad", or "Twitter". If it doesn’t suggest the correct spelling, including the capitalization, simply make the correction yourself and the next time you type the word, the correct spelling should come up as a suggestion.

Tip #8: Cut, Copy & Paste--Type a sentence in the Notebook app. Now double-tap on a word, causing it to be highlighted and selected. A pop-up menu will appear for cutting or copying the selected word. Another option will be for pasting a copied selection, and finally there may be an option for replacing the word with what the iPad thinks is the word you’re trying to type.