Skitch App for iPad and iPhone:Skitch-app.png

Link to the App in the iTunes Store:

Description: Skitch is an app that allows users to annotate photos, camera images, screenshots, web pages, and maps in addition to drawing on a blank page. As an administrator think of uses such as being able to provide visual feedback from a walk-thru observation or drawing district boundaries, bus routes or directions on top of a ready made map.

Steps to Begin Using Skitch
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  • Download the Skitch App:
  • The first time you open Skitch you will be prompted to sign in to your Evernote account. Sign in using your log-in information, you will also receive a couple of pop-ups asking if you want to create a Skitch Notebook (answer Yes) and asking if the app can access your photos (Yes)--see at rightskitch-options.png
  • Open the “Skitch” App from your device and select one of the following items to annotate: Take Photo, Choose Photo, Draw on Map, Blank Page or Web Capture--see at right
  • Once the image is open, you can pinch or expand the image and use the tools located along the right side to begin annotating. See the tools at right for assistance annotating your image.
  • Once you have added the annotations, the finished image may be shared in the following ways: to Evernote, Create a Link, Airplay, Email or to the skitch-tools.pngCamera Roll.

  • Best Practice Use: Students and teachers could use this app for labeling, providing feedback, checking for understanding, drawing on maps, highlighting important information on a web page, etc.

Activity Description: Participants will use their mobile devices to label a map with their conference schools, a bus route, or an annotation that marks district boundaries, etc.

Activity Steps:skitch-map.png
  • Download the Skitch App (available for iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod) or use a device with the app downloaded.
  • Open Skitch and use the map feature to locate a map of their school district or conference area. (type the school address near the top)
  • Use the annotation features in Skitch to create labels and draw on the map using any of the annotation tools.
  • Finish annotating the map and then save the picture for review (it will also be added to the Skitch Notebook in Evernote if users are logged into their accounts)

Administrator Uses:
  • Take pictures when doing a walk-thru to share visual images and notations from your classroom visit with teachers.
  • Annotate maintenance items in your building and sent them to responsible staff members via e-mail with your annotations on what needs to be addressed.
  • Annotate bus routes for including in newsletters, web sites or other communications.