Skitch App for Android:Skitch-app.png

Skitch Handout in .pdf: Skitch for Android.pdf

Link to the Android Skitch App for Download : or

Description: Skitch is an app that allows users to annotate photos, camera images, screenshots, web pages, and maps in addition to drawing on a blank page. As an administrator think of uses such as being able to provide visual feedback from a walk-thru observation or drawing district boundaries, bus routes or directions on top of a ready made map.

Steps to Begin Using Skitch:

1. Download Skitch for Your Device (see link above)

2. Open the “Skitch” App: Select one of the following items to annotate:
  • Camera (take a pic)
  • Picture (select from your gallery or the web)
  • Map
  • Blank Page

3. Use the Tools: Once you have the item you would like to annotate open, use the tools located begin annotating.