Penultimate App for iPad:penultimate1.png

Penultimate Handout in .pdf: Penultimate and Evernote.pdf

Link to the App in the iTunes Store:

Description: Penultimate is an app that allows users to take notes with or without a stylus.

Steps to Begin Using Penultimate:
Step #1: Download the Penultimate App for your device (price is $.99)
Step #2: The first time you open Penultimate there is one note book with a tutorial -- great way to revisit some of the features of Penultimate.

Step #3: Open the “Penultimate” App from your device click ‘New Notebook’ in the top left and you are ready to start taking notes. Choose type of paper (graph, lined or plain)
Step #4: Add a picture, take notes, draw--anything is possible with the colors, thickness of your writing, ‘undo’ is always an option and an eraser that is right in your toolbar.


Best Practice Use: Use this app for taking notes if the onscreen keyboard isn’t for you. Brain research tells us we remember more when we use colors and pictures when taking notes.

Step #5: Once your notebook/notes are taken you have choices to send it as PDF in an email, Dropbox, iTunes file sharing or Evernote.