iTunes Music Tab

Connect your music_tag.pngiPad and iTunes will open:

If iTunes does not open, you can open the application by locating it in your dock and clicking the icon or by finding it in the applications folder on your computer. iTunes is where you’ll go to manage your digital music.

Under Devices along the left side, select YOUR IPAD by clicking on the device name.

1. Select the "Music Tab" across the top tabs in iTunes

2. The Music Tab will default to sync your entire music library (see above)

3. You can opt to individually select playlists, artists or genres. Should you select the latter, you can manage those songs from the music option below your iPad in the devices section of the left-hand menu.

4. You also have the choice to include music videos or voice memos in this tab.

5. Click APPLY/Sync in the lower right corner to sync the music from your computer to your iPad.

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